Photo: Flash90

IDF reportedly strikes multiple targets in Syria

Israeli aircraft reportedly launched a surprise bombardment in Syria yesterday evening, targeting several installations in the war-torn country’s Homs Governorate.

According to several reports subsequently confirmed to TV7 by sources on the ground, the alleged Israeli military operation was carried out from Lebanese airspace against Syria’s Al-Shayrat military airport, where an unidentified cargo plane had just arrived from the Arab Republic’s T4 airbase.

Syrian aerial defense was activated during the strike, which also hit other installations in the eastern part of Homs Governorate.

The country’s SANA news agency cited a Syrian military source as claiming that a number of the incoming missiles were intercepted, but stopped short of revealing the extent of the damage that was sustained.

While the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit has neither confirmed nor denied involvement in the reported strike, it is important to note that both the Al-Shayrat and Tiyas-4 military airports are frequently utilized by the elite Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

An Israeli intelligence official, who requested to remain anonymous as he is unauthorized to speak publicly, reiterated to TV7 “Jerusalem’s Red Lines” that include operational activities to thwart the Islamic Republic’s “ongoing efforts to entrench itself militarily” in Israel’s northern neighbor; which he emphasized “will be enforced by all means necessary, regardless of any circumstantial distractions.” He nevertheless declined to assert Israeli responsibility for the attack.