image Photo: Flash90

IDF strikes Hamas posts following rocket launch

Over the weekend Palestinian Islamists launched a rocket from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip toward Israel’s southern communities.

Rocket-alert sirens were sounded in the town of Sderot and surrounding communities, forcing residents to rush into bomb shelters, for the first time in almost three weeks. Thankfully, the incoming projectile exploded in an uninhabited area, causing no injuries or damage.

In a retaliatory response, an Israeli aircraft and a tank targeted infrastructure which the IDF Spokesperson’s unit asserted were “used for underground activity,” as well as “military posts belonging to the Hamas terror organization in the northern Gaza Strip.”

It is important to note that no Palestinian group has claimed responsibility for the indiscriminate rocket-fire; yet, in line with previously declared statements, Israel views the Islamist Hamas  organization as responsible for all terror-related events that emanate from the Jihadist plagued territory.