IRGC accelerates missile shipment to Syria

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp has reportedly stepped up aerial shipments of numerous advanced precision-guided Fateh-110 missiles to Syria.

According to these reports Iran has been exploiting Russia’s military presence, to dissuade Israeli attacks against its incoming weapons shipments.

It is important to mention that TV7 was able to corroborate part of these reports, as the contents of the shipments in question could not be immediately verified. If the contents does in fact include the relatively advanced Fateh-110, it may indeed pose a tactical threat to Israel, as the missile in question has a reported range of up to 300 kilometres, and its fourth generation has an acclaimed 100% precision.

Nevertheless, senior Israeli military sources told TV7 that “Israel’s intelligence assessment of the situation in Syria is outstanding,” including vis-à-vis the purported reports of weapons-shipments that the Islamic Republic is trying to transfer into Israel’s neighboring countries for the purpose of attacking the Jewish State.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one source asserted that “Iran has managed to transfer these types of weaponry in the past, all of which were reportedly destroyed by Israel. “