image Photo: Reuters

Islamic Jihad chief’s son killed in Tuesday’s alleged Israeli attack

The Islamic Jihad held a funeral procession for Muath al-Ajouri, son of one of the top commanders of the Palestinian terror group who was killed in an alleged Israeli strike on Tuesday.

The intended target of the strike, which took place at the same time as the targeted assassination of Baha Abul-Ata in the Gaza Strip, was Muath’s father Akram al-Ajouri – who’s in charge of garnering means of support for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad from the Islamic Republic of Iran for the purpose of terror-related activities in the Gaza Strip against the Jewish State.

An Israeli intelligence source refused to confirm nor deny Israel’s responsibility for the strike in Damascus, but acknowledged in an extensive conversation with TV7 that ‘Israel will continue to confront Iran’s efforts “to spread its tentacles of terror” across the Middle East and elsewhere – “and (the source concluded) this message was received and understood in Tehran.”