image Photo: Flash 90

Israel Allegedly Strikes Iranian Targets in Iraq

Israel is stepping up efforts to confront Iran’s activities to entrench itself militarily across the Middle East.

According to “Western diplomatic sources,” in a report by the London-based Asharq al-Awsat daily, ‘Israel launched an aerial strike (yesterday) against the Iranian-controlled Ashraf military base in Iraq, which is located some 80 kilometers East of Iran’s border and some 40 kilometers North-East from the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.’ The report added that “the (air)-raids hit ‘Iranian advisers and targeted a shipment of ballistic missile launchers (that) were transferred shortly before the attack, from Iran to Iraq.”

Yesterday’s reported bombardment against Iranian targets in Iraq was the second of such attack in less than a month beyond Syria and Lebanon, indicating an expansion of Israel’s offensive operations circle, as part of Jerusalem’s declared efforts to confront Tehran’s malign activities.

The first reported attack, which was confirmed to TV7 by intelligence sources, cited a pinpointed bombardment of Iranian assets in a militant camp called “Amrely”, which is located in the Iraqi Governorate of Saladin, north of Baghdad. According to one of the sources, the attack was carried out on the 19th of July. The IDF spokesperson’s unit told TV7 that it does not respond to foreign reports and refused to confirm nor deny any Israeli involvement.