Israel and U.S. Successfully Test Advanced Arrow-3 Defense System

Israel, in cooperation with the United States, completed a series of successful tests on its Arrow-3 ballistic’ missile defense system. The highly sophisticated maneuvers took place at the American Kodiak Defense Department test-field, which is located in the northern state of Alaska.

The drill included three complex interceptions of ballistic’ target-missiles that are capable of carrying nuclear payloads, namely the Israeli-produced ‘Silver Sparrow missile’ that is designed to simulate an Iranian Shahab-3 ballistic missile.

According to an Israeli Defense Ministry official ‘during the tests, the advanced Arrow-3 system faced at least three separate complex scenarios, over the course of ten days; during which it successfully intercepting all simulator-target projectiles outside of the atmosphere at an altitude of 70 kilometers that travelled at thousands of kilometers per hour.’ According to the official, who asked to remain anonymous, the successful test “confirms that the Arrow-3 weapon system maintains the ability to serve as the state of Israel’s defensive shield against any long-range ballistic threats,” including those posed from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Meanwhile in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the successful test, saying: “In recent weeks we have conducted three secret, break-through trials of the Arrow-3 missile. These trials were conducted in Alaska, United States, in full cooperation with our great ally, the United States. They succeeded beyond imagination. The Arrow-3 intercepted in full success ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere, in altitudes and speeds we were not familiar with so far. The performance was perfect – every hit a bull’s eye.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu also took the opportunity to warn Israel’s enemies, especially Iran, from provoking the Jewish State, cautioning that “Today Israel has the capabilities to act against ballistic missiles launched at us from Iran and from anywhere else. It’s a great achievement for the state of Israel. All our foes should know that we can best them, both defensively and offensively.”

U.S. Ambassador to the Jewish State David Friedman, who was invited to the weekly Israeli cabinet meeting, praised the close relations between Jerusalem and Washington, which according to the American diplomat, contribute to global security. According to Friedman: “We are very proud of our partnership with the state of Israel, the funding that we provided for this, the technical expertise that we added, obviously, making our airspace available for this test over Alaska. This is an extraordinary and an unprecedented example of the cooperation between our two great countries. And from here, may we continue to go upward and onward in making the world a safer place.”

It is important to note that the Arrow-3 system is designed to provide the outer level of Israel’s aerial defense array, alongside the Arrow-2 system that is designed to intercept medium to long-range missiles, the David’s Sling system that is designed to intercept medium range missiles and the Iron Dome anti-rocket system that is designed to intercept short to medium range rockets and missiles.

The Israeli announcement of the successful testing of its advanced Arrow-3 missile-defense system, comes amid intensified tensions along Israel’s northern frontier in particular, and the Islamic Republic of Iran in general.

Among other incidents, last Wednesday – the Israeli air force reportedly targeted a Syrian intelligence base in the Tel al-Haraa region, which is strategically located in an area of southern Syria that overlooks the Israeli Golan Heights. According to Western intelligence sources, “the base is operated by Iranian-backed militias.”

While Israel has not claim responsibility for the attack, Syria’s state television confirmed that an aerial assault targeted Tel al-Haraa, and referred to the attack as “an Israeli aggression.”