image Photo: Flash90

Israel grants Gazans entry permits

The Israeli government has requested that the Defense establishment issue entry permits to 500 Palestinian businessmen from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, in direct response to the relative clam currently presiding between the two sides. The gesture comes in addition to some 5,000 permits already granted to Palestinian businessmen authorizing entry into the Jewish State.

If the cessation of hostilities holds, Jerusalem is also expected to issue permit the entry of Palestinian laborers from the Hamas-controlled territory. While senior IDF officials are in open support of the relaxed restrictions as a means to alleviate economic distress in the Jihadist-infested enclave, it is important to note that the move has been adamantly resisted by the Shin Bet. Israeli’s Security Agency has consistently opposed the measure at the present juncture in time, out of concern that the prospective-laborers would be exploited by Islamist terror  groups in Gaza to covertly conduct intelligence against the Jewish State.

In related news, three Palestinian infiltrators were arrested by the IDF after breaching Israel’s border fence with the northern Gaza Strip earlier this week, one of whom was found in possession of a knife. In separate incident, the IDF fired flares to repel a number of unidentified individuals spotted approaching the border fence, which forced the suspects to retreat a short time later.