Photo: Flash 90

Israel ‘prepared to strike harshly against any attacker’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has again declared resolve to defend the Jewish State from any and all threats posed, first and foremost, by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

During an address at a ceremony for graduates of the Ground Forces officer’s course,  the Premier warned “The area around us is stormy and restive,” with “Threats [that] lurk in every corner – in Syria, in Lebanon, in the Gaza Strip, as well as in Iraq, Yemen and directly in Iran.”

After underscoring that “Iranian and pro-Iranian forces are relentlessly arming themselves,” Netanyahu reiterated that “We are prepared for the threats and will not hesitate to strike harshly at anyone who tries to attack us.”

Netanyahu further stressed to the newest generation of IDF officers and their families that “Iran’s threshold of daring in the region is rising – and it grows even more in the absence of a response,” and underscored that the nation “will not turn the other cheek.”

In an apparent signal to the West at large and perhaps most particularly at United States, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that “the absence of a response” to Iran’s malign activities has clearly raised the threshold of the Islamic Republic’s aggressive activities in the volatile Middle East.