image Photo: IDF

Israel-U.S. conduct Juniper Cobra military drill

The joint Israeli-United States Juniper-Cobra military exercise is underway, during which the Israel Defense Forces and European Command (EUCOM) will simulate wide-ranging aerial defense scenarios. The drill has been taking place on a biennial basis since 2001. The current training includes simulations involving the rapid deployment of U.S. forces to assist Israel in operating the IDF Aerial Defense Array against missile attacks.

The participating 1,000 Israeli and 2,500 American troops will focus on strengthening the cooperation and coordination between the two militaries, promoting bilateral learning and enhancing aerial defense capabilities. The 10-day exercise will conclude on 13 March.

In light of the concerning developments across the Middle East, most notably in neighboring Syria; the IDF emphasized that Juniper Cobra was planned in advance as part of routine training and is unrelated to current regional events.