image Photo: Flash90

IDF launches ‘Momentum’ multiyear plan

IDF Chief of General Staff, Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi presented the multi-annual “Tnufa” plan (Hebrew for “Momentum”) to a briefing to top defense officials at the army’s Kiryah headquarters in Tel Aviv, that he believes will lead to significant improvement in performance.

“The threats are not waiting for us,” said the top Israeli General, maintaining that “The core of the plan is to extensively and accurately enhance lethality,” based “on enhanced enemy exposure capabilities and the multi-branch work that allows high effectiveness.”

Lt.-Gen. Kochavi also highlighted that the ultimate aim of the multi-year plan is to shorten the duration of military campaigns ahead of decisive Israeli victories. He further underscored given every attempt by Israel’s enemies of Israel to diminish the IDF’s qualitative edge, it is essential to execute ‘Momentum’ within the next several years. “We are at a singular point” in which he advocated “hitting the gas hard” to literally raise and expand the army’s relative effectiveness “not within a month, not within a year, but within a few years,” Kochavi said, describing the implementation as “an event that will dictate how we will win, how long it will take to win, because we have those capabilities.”

The IDF provided TV7 with illustrative footage that presented an overview of both the defensive and offensive capabilities that will clearly afford Israel with significant advantage. “Momentum’s” goals are the enhancement of combat capabilities of operational units, capacities verses remote threats (such as Iran), intel collection dominance and ground forces’ capabilities and readiness; as well as the founding of digital connectivity infrastructure and the leveraging of aerial operations in unique missions in support of joint ground maneuvers.

The plan will also execute organizational adjustments of the IDF general staff and entire military structure, which General Kochavi asserted would necessitate a ‘calibration’ of the army’s command structure.