image Photo: Flash 90

Israeli President & Jordanian Prince met in secret

Against the backdrop of a perceived crisis in relations between their two nations, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin held unexpected talks with Jordanian Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad in London earlier this week. The Israeli leader was on a state visit to the United Kingdom at the time of the meeting with Muhammad, who serves as a top adviser to Jordanian King Abdullah II.

Topics reportedly discussed by the two included a project to develop Christian baptismal sites along the Jordan River, which has been advanced by the Israeli President over the past several years.

After the meeting, both sides said they hoped and expected the dialogue to continue. Domestic Israeli media reported that the possibility of an official visit by President Rivlin to the Hashemite Kingdom is also being examined.

A TV7 source at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem stressed that the Israeli leader considers relations with Jordan to be of the ‘upmost importance,’ and such a mission would symbolize a major step toward rehabilitating the relationship between Jerusalem and Amman.