Israel’s Source of Power is “Faith” in God, Netanyahu Proclaims

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alluded to yesterday’s attacks in Iraq, shortly before departing from Ukraine to Israel. Netanyahu told reporters accompanying him, that Jerusalem “will act – and (is) currently acting – against (Iran), wherever it is necessary,” while underscoring that “Iran has no immunity, anywhere.”

Also prior to his return, the Prime Minister addressed members of the Jewish community of Ukraine, during which he argued that the foundation that brought about the inception of the State of Israel, is first and foremost: faith in God. He said: “The almost-extinct people, who were mercilessly slaughtered, today heads a strong, resilient, progressive and prosperous state. Did you translate this? Yes? And I will tell you how we did it, first and foremost through the power of faith, first and foremost through the power of faith (In God). Without faith we would not be able to accomplish the miracle of the establishment of Israel on its land.”

The Israeli leader insisted that in the face of death during the Holocaust, many Jews prayed for Israel’s deliverance and the nation’s salvation, which was manifested from their faith in God.

Netanyahu also reiterated his dedication to weekly bible study held at his Jerusalem residence every Saturday, urging Ultra-Orthodox Jews to read beyond the weekly Torah portion and expand their studies include the entire Old Testament – which Netanyahu emphasized – remains relevant to this very day.

The Israeli leader said: “Every Saturday when I read the weekly Torah portion, I don’t do it for you. I don’t do it for the elections. I do it for the faith, and I read the weekly Torah portion and I read the Haftarah (a series of rabbinical selections from the Prophets); by the way I encourage you to read beyond the Haftarah, I would like you to read the Bible (Old testament)  as well. But this is a dispute I have with my ultra-orthodox Friends. I read the Torah (Pentateuch) and the Bible (Old Testament). I know you read the Torah (Pentateuch), but read the Bible (Old testament) as well, what power (it holds). What great power it holds, of our people. Such great things that are so relevant. So, we are infused with faith. Same faith, same mission.”