Jordan King thanks Russia for its “strong presence” in Mideast_reutersPhoto: Reuters

Jordan King thanks Russia for its “strong presence” in Mideast

Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted talks in the resort city of Sochi with Jordan’s King Abdullah, where the two discussed bilateral relations and regional challenges.

After the Russian leader praised the improving ties between Moscow and Amman, King Abdullah said he wanted “to underline the importance of Russia in our region.” According to Abdullah, “Without the role of Russia on many of the issues, whether it’s the peace process, whether it’s Syria, and others, things would not be able to move forward.” The Jordanian Monarch said “I understand the importance of the Russian role,” adding that “we are very gratified of the strong presence and again your guidance on many of the issues that we will discuss today,” concluding that “I’m here to say as always thank you for the tremendous support not only to Jordan, but the common-sense approach that you bring to our region.”

It is important to note that despite the King’s statement, Jordan is a close ally of both the United States and Saudi Arabia; and actively supportive of the U.S.-led coalition in various sectors of the Middle East.