Nasrallah: IDF strikes in Syria will not drive out Iran

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah has confirmed Israel’s increased attacks on weapons manufacturing sites in Syria, while simultaneously denying active operational involvement in the war-torn country by Iran.

Speaking to his supporters in Beirut via teleconference from an undisclosed bunker, the leader of the Islamic Republic’s-proxy group attributed the Israeli Air Force (IAF) with the aerial bombardment of numerous installations “linked to missile production in Syria.”

Nasrallah further claimed the strikes were motivated by Jerusalem’s campaign to prevent its enemies from amassing a large stockpile of “precision (guided) missiles” he maintained would present “new dangers” for the Jewish State.

Contrasting with TV7 reports of recent statements by a top Israeli defense official that IAF operational activity has triggered the beginning of an Iranian withdrawal from Syria, Nasrallah asserted that, “Syria’s allies started to evacuate bases and positions two years ago, without any connection to Israeli attacks.”

Israel is currently waging an imaginary battle under a banner of ‘disallowing the presence of Iranian military troops in Syria,’ asserted the leader of the internationally-recognized terror group, going on to proclaim that “Hezbollah forces and Iranian strategic advisers will remain in Syria in accordance with Syria’s interests, and Israeli attacks won’t change this