image Photo: Reuters

Netanyahu: Israel is U.S.’s Best Partner in Security Field

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared Israel to be the United States best partner in the fields of intelligence, Defense and the development of what he termed as, “certain kinds of special weapons.”

In an address to a delegation of 30 Republican Members of Congress, which took place at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, Netanyahu pointed to the successful testing of Israel’s most-advanced Arrow 3 surface-to-air missile system, which was tested in cooperation with the U.S., in the northern American state of Alaska.

Netanyahu underscored that it signified, among other joint security ventures, the close cooperation between the two countries which serves the security of both Israel and the United States. In Netanyahu’s words: “Israel and the United States are developing together advanced weapons. We just had…  these Arrow 3, the testing that we did in Alaska together with the United States. We’ve had amazing success, amazing success. So, we can intercept now at high altitudes, low altitudes, ballistic missiles – three hits, one after the other. This is very important for the defense of the United States, and this comes out of Israeli American cooperation. So, in the field of intelligence, in the field of defense, in the field certain kinds of special weapons – Israel is the best partner of the United States.”

The delegation of Republican Members of Congress followed a similar trip for Democrat lawmakers. The two separate trips were both organized by the American Israel Education Foundation mission, which is an organization affiliated with the powerful Jewish American lobby, AIPAC.