image Photo: ImageSat International

New Iranian arms site in Syria exposed by Israeli intel

The Israeli-based ImageSat International (ISI) published satellite images purporting to show a new Iranian-constructed underground weapon storage built in Syria’s Albukamal region, which is located near the border with Iraq.

According to ISI’s intelligence report, the images – which TV7 corroborated by an external intelligence analyst – revealed that “an underground tunnel of significant proportions is being constructed” alongside the Syrian border with Iraq.

The external analyst further confirmed to TV7 that the “subterranean structure has clear Iranian fingerprints,” which may indeed corroborate the ISI analytic assessment.

Among others, the Images captured construction vehicles at the entrance to the site, which has the capacity of storing a wide array of both statistical and precision guided missiles.

Furthermore, the newly discovered site, which was made public on May 12th, is about 3 kilometres (or about 1.8 miles) east from another tunnel that was destroyed some two months ago in an aerial bombardment that was attributed to the Israeli Air Force.

In light of this revelation, ISI published an assessment in which it highlighted “Iran’s commitment to further developing its military presence in this area, despite repeated attack.”