U.S. to maintain military presence in Iraq, to watch Iran

U.S army troops

Despite a decision that was made by U.S. President Donald Trump to withdraw American forces from Syria, a military presence will remain in neighboring Iraq, “to keep a close eye” over Iran, and “different parts of the trouble Middle East.” In an interview President Trump gave to CBS’s Face The Nation, the American leader reiterated … Read more

Israel sends military delegation to Moscow, following downing of Russian plane

The commander of Israel’s Air Force, Major General Amikam Norkin, headed an IDF delegation to Moscow this morning, following the downing of a Russian military plane by Syrian anti-aircraft fire, on Monday night. The IDF Spokesperson’s unit told TV7 that General Norkin presented “a situation report of the event regarding all aspects, including the pre-mission … Read more

Iran’s Supreme Leader calls for boosting his country’s military capabilities

The Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that while an armed conflict with the West was unlikely, Iran’s armed forces must boost their defense capacities. The call on Iran’s armed forces to boost their capabilities came after Iran announced plans to boost its ballistic and cruise missile capacity and acquire modern fighter planes … Read more

PM Netanyahu underscores importance of maintaining qualitative edge

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel was continuously rising within the international community – becoming a force to recon with – as it gradually transforms into a rising global power. During an address the Prime Minister made at a ‘Jewish New Year toast’ with Israel’s local council heads, Netanyahu stressed that the ongoing success … Read more

US: Iran-Syria military cooperation agreement, example of Tehran’s malign activities

The United States referred to a signing of an agreement for military cooperation between the Islamic Republic and the Assad regime – as a primary example of Iran’s continued destabilizing activities around the globe. Journalist: The Syrian and Iranian defense ministers just signed a new defense cooperation agreement. How do you view that? Nauert: Yeah, … Read more

Putin: Operation in Syria shows increased capabilities of the Russian military

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared in an address to his country’s Federal Assembly that Moscow’s ongoing operations in Syria had shown to the international community Russia’s increased capabilities in the defense sector. “The operation in Syria has showed the increased capabilities of the Russian military. Over the last several years a great job on strengthening … Read more

American lawmakers call to increase US military aid to Israel

Senior American lawmakers, who recently returned to the United States from a visit to Jerusalem, called for an increase in the annual military aid Washington is currently providing the Jewish state, in what they said was a necessary measure to assure Israel’s security amid growing challenges across the Middle East. Among the senior lawmakers were … Read more