Terror attack on Memorial Day

A 62-year-old Israeli woman was moderately wounded in a terror attack in the city of Kfar Saba.

According to Superintendent Eran Mazuz, who is the Deputy Chief of the local police station, a 19-year-old knife wielding Palestinian stabbed the victim at the Gimmel Mall.  He was stopped by a civilian driver who witnessed the attack, “stopped his vehicle and opened fire toward the terrorist.”

The West Bank assailant carried out the stabbing at 12.30 this afternoon while wearing a face mask.

Both the victim and the terrorist were given medical treatment at the scene, and evacuated to hospital for further care.

Blue and White chairman and Speaker of the Knesset, LTG (res.) MK Benny Gantz issued a message on Twitter expressing best wishes for a swift recovery to the wounded Israeli, and commending the citizen who “neutralized the terrorist in a professional and determined manner.”

“Even at this time, as we are remembering our fallen,” Gantz wrote, “IDF soldiers and security forces confront terror threats and protect us all. We will remain strong and united against our enemies.”