image Photo: Flash90

Thousands demonstrate against Netanyahu

Amid the coronavirus crisis efforts to narrow the gaps between the representatives of premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud and Parliament Speaker Benny Gantz’s Blue and White parties are still ongoing.

As was previously reported by TV7: the core dispute pertains to a new demand presented by the Likud party, which aims to prevent the High Court of Justice from intervening in Netanyahu’s status, either as Prime Minister or as acting Prime Minister – in light of his pending legal proceedings.

Gantz rejected the demand outright, emphasizing in a statement that “there are issues that cannot be compromised; first and foremost, protecting the law authorities and Israel’s democracy.”

And while neither side seems willing to concede, the two held a meeting today, in hope of finding common grounds.

Gantz’s attempts, however, have infuriated thousands his supporters – who flooded the main square of Tel Aviv in protest against the prospects of yet another government led by a Prime Minister who is subject to criminal indictment. The demonstrators, who abided in full with the government’s limits by wearing masks and keeping two-meter distancing, protested under the banner of “save (Israel’s) democracy.”

Among those in attendance was the former co-leader of Blue and White, Yair Lapid. He seized the opportunity to condemn Netanyahu’s interim government, saying “We are fighting for everything and anything that is essential to the future of this country and our children, the Israeli democracy and the way this government in its sloppiness is handling the corona crisis.”