image Photo: Flash90

6 IDF troops hurt in Qalandiya clashes

A special IDF undercover mission in the West Bank turned deadly today, after Palestinian residents of the Qalandia refugee camp engaged in a violent riot.

6 Israeli Border Police officers and 4 Palestinians were wounded in the melee.

The troops entered Qalandia this morning in an arrest raid to capture 3 Palestinian members of a stolen car cell. Local Palestinians mounted fierce resistance, including the hurling of concrete blocks and washing machines on the Israeli forces from rooftops.

IDF combat soldier Staff Sergeant Amit Ben Ygal was killed 12 May 2020 during routine operational activity in the West Bank village of Ya’bad when a Palestinian resident hurled a large block onto his head from a nearby roof.

During today’s riot, the Border Police responded with live fire to defend themselves while awaiting assistance from the IDF to be safely evacuated from the camp. After receiving medical treatment at the scene, several officers were in taken to a hospital for further medical care of ‘light injuries.’ 3 of the wounded Palestinians were reportedly in serious condition, and evacuated to a Ramallah hospital.

A short time after the incident, another Palestinian was shot by the IDF during an attempted attack on troops at the Qalandiya. No Israeli soldiers were injured.