image Photo: Flash90

Alleged IDF strikes in Syria

Israeli aircraft allegedly conducted 3 overnight strikes in Syria that demolished military and Iranian-proxy installations.

The first bombardment came at 9.17 PM, when unidentified aircraft fired several missiles from separate locations toward a number of Iranian sites housing Shi’ite militias adjacent to Kabbaj and the Deir ez Zur M20–N7 road in As-Sukhnah. Both locations are in a rural part of the eastern region of the war-torn Arab Republic. At least 5 Shi’ite militiamen were reportedly killed and dozens of others injured in the attack; which was launched just hours after confirmed reports that an Iranian arms shipment had been delivered to the targeted sites.

Damascus activated its aerial defense array in attempts to fend off the attacks by aircraft it swiftly identified as Israeli. No interceptions were reported despite the firing of dozens of Syrian surface-to-air missiles.

In a second attack less than an hour later, a multifaceted bombardment of surface-to-surface and air-to-surface strikes was reported in the eastern countryside of As-Suwayda. Several Syrian and Iranian facilities were targeted including a military communications and radar center, from which anti-aircraft batteries had been deployed in the initial assault earlier. At least 2 Syrian air force soldiers were reportedly killed, while several other individuals including Iranian-proxy militiamen are believed to have been injured.

The third aerial strike followed at 00.45 in the morning near the towns of Salamiyah and Saburah in a rural section of the Hama Governorate. Extensive damage was said to have been inflicted on both Syrian military and Iranian military complexes used as weapons and ammunition depots. Local sources said they heard ambulances rushing to the sites of the explosions, although TV7 has been unable to corroborate reports of casualties.

The Israeli Military has refused to confirm or deny alleged involvement in the attacks.