Israel allegedly strikes Iranian weapons manufacturer in Syria

Unidentified aircraft targeted a number of warehouses in Syria’s Western Hama Governorate which the Damascus regime of President Bashar al-Assad quickly attributed to the Israeli Air Force.

Intelligence sources confirmed to TV7 that the missile fire originated from Lebanese airspace toward targets near the Syrian village of al-Zawi close to the city of Masyaf.

Syrian aerial defenses failed to prevent the attack due to their significant qualitative gap with the incoming projectiles – resulting in the total destruction of Iranian-funded production factories of medium range precision guided missiles, even though Damascus officials claimed that only material damage had been inflicted.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that at least nine individuals were killed, four of whom were identified as Syrian nationals. The reported casualty count is expected to rise, as several others believed to be either Iranian or Iranian-backed militiamen – sustained critical injuries.

The targeted location has been subject to previous aerial bombardments that have also attributed to the Israeli Air Force. The last reported attack in the Maysaf vicinity occurred less than two months ago, when more than 14 Iranian and proxy fighters were killed during the demolishing of a similar center for the development of precision guided missiles.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit refused to confirm or deny TV7’s request for confirmation of involvement in the latest incident.