Attempted terror attack thwarted at Jerusalem checkpoint

A Palestinian teenager who rushed toward Israeli Security Forces at a border-crossing with a knife in hand was shot dead, in what police identified as a nationalistically motivated act of terror. Jerusalem police commissioner Yoram Halevi, who arrived at the Az-Zaayyem security crossing – which separates Jerusalem from the West Bank – provided a statement on the incident. According to the Israeli police commissioner: “We are witnessing another attempted terror attack in one of the entrances to Jerusalem, Az-Zaayyem checkpoint, a crossing that is active 24 hours a day, especially active during the morning. To our surprise, a 16 years old (female) teenager, a student from Ramallah, arrived from above here, as you can see later. She existed from a taxi, she probably arrived from the Ramallah area from the Jordan valley region and arrives at the crossing. She arrives on foot and encounters the guards, she draws a knife and attempts to stab them. The guards that are stationed here together with Border-Police officers respond with live-fire that neutralizes her and kills her instantly.”  A police spokesperson told TV7 that none of the Israeli security forces were injured and that a police investigation was launched to identify the suspected terrorist.