IDF: demolition phase of four Hezbollah-tunnels begun

The IDF announced that the neutralization and demolition phase of the four cross-border attack tunnels, that were discovered on the northern border with Lebanon, has begun. IDF Spokesman Brigadier General Ronen Manelis said that the neutralization is carried out from within Israeli territory and that it was a complex and ongoing process, within the context of Operation Northern Shield. In an effort to avoid unnecessary casualties, General Manelis warned the residents of Lebanon not to come close to the openings of the tunnels. Furthermore, the IDF made an announcement on loud speakers along the border-fence with Lebanon, prior to the controlled explosions of the subterranean passage-ways. The announcement read: “To the residents of the village of Ramyeh, we are about to blow up this tunnel built by Hezbollah. You are asked to evacuate now, quickly. So you get out of danger.”