image Photo: Flash90

IDF deploys new technology to thwart attack-tunnels

The IDF has begun to deploy technological infrastructure to detect and identify hostile subterranean construction along the Israel’s northern frontier with Lebanon.

According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the new preventative system features unique technology tailored to accommodate the topographical terrain, while tracking underground activity. “Approximately a year ago during Operation ‘Northern Shield,’” the IDF Spokesperson recalled that the Israeli army had “exposed and neutralized six cross-border attack tunnels which had been excavated by the Hezbollah terror organization.” The “current working assumption,” said the IDF, “is that there are no cross-border attack tunnels from Lebanon into Israeli territory.”

The IDF added that the discovery of the underground network not only “deprived Hezbollah of a unique offensive capability,” but prompted greater development of security tools aimed at thwarting future attempts by the nation’s enemies to utilize alternative subterranean tactics against the Jewish State.

The IDF Northern Command and the Galilee Division are simultaneously building a security barrier between Israel and Lebanon, to further impede the attempted-infiltration of Hezbollah militants in a future war.