infiltration attempte by an armed Palestinian Islamist_IDFPhoto: IDF

IDF: Israel Cannot and Will Not Accept Repeated Gazan Attacks

IDF troops thwarted an attempted-infiltration by a Palestinian Islamist who sought to penetrate the Jewish State from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Enclave.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement, that “troops identified an armed terrorist approaching the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip” and that “the terrorist then hurled a number of grenades at IDF troops.”

The Israeli force responded by charging across the security fence into the outer-circle of the Islamist-infested territory, where they opened fire toward the assailant who reportedly sustained moderate injuries to the lower part of his body.

While the Islamist militant was evacuated by Gazan medical units to the Shifa Medical Center in the north Rimal District, no injuries were reported among the IDF troops.

In related news, the IDF issued an unusual statement that deflected Hamas’ responsibility for recent rocket and mortar fire from Gaza toward Israel’s southern communities, and instead placed the blame on the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

An IDF statement published in Arabic said, “The Gaza Strip is in the middle of a process that will significantly improve civilian life (there) in the near and distant future. The Islamic Jihad terror organization is working to undermine, disrupt and harm these understandings.”

The statement underscored that “Israel cannot and will not accept” repeated attacks that are carried out by the Islamic Jihad,” including rocket fire.

The IDF also warned the Islamist Hamas organization, as the regime in the Gaza Strip, “to exert control over the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and stop these attacks,” while underlining “that the consequences of the failure to carry out the steps planned for the Gaza Strip’ are the responsibility of the Iranian-backed organization.’

So far, the PIJ has refused to comply with Hamas demands to turn over 4 operatives believed responsible for the recent spate of rocket attacks on Israel.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian daily Al-Quds reported that Qatar’s envoy Mohammed al-Emadi entered the Gaza Strip early this morning, in order to transfer the next installment of financial aid earmarked for the Palestinian population of the Hamas-controlled territory. al-Emadi is believed to have met beforehand with senior Israeli officials, yet Israeli authorities in Jerusalem refused to respond to TV7’s request for comment on the report.