image Photo: IDF

IDF wraps up anti-Hezbollah drill

The surprise exercise included simulated strikes on the Iranian proxy.

By Erin Viner

More than 13,000 troops participated in the training, which was codenamed Warm Winter 2.

The goal of the multi-arm exercise is the “boosting the readiness” by the Israeli army’s spear-tip combat units and logistical-support divisions to counter “sudden events and various scenarios in the northern area,” said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

8,000 conscripts and 5,000 reservists were engaged in simulated clashes with Hezbollah – and any other Iranian-backed militias – that could potentially flare along the nation’s northern frontier with Lebanon and Syria.

Warm Winter 2 was launched on Saturday night and is slated to conclude today.

An additional previously-unannounced IDF military drill was held on the southern border with Gaza. The exercise, which the army said was aimed at elevating the level of preparedness of the Gaza Division, was conducted on Sunday.