image Photo: Flash 90

IDF Soldier Stabbed to Death by Suspected Terrorists

An IDF soldier was found stabbed to death this morning, near the Jewish West Bank settlement bloc of Gush Etzion.

The IDF spokesperson’s unit identified the soldier as 19-year-old Corporal Dvir Sorek and indicated that the stabbing-marks on his body were the result of a terror attack that took place adjacent to a community north of Hebron.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement in which he relayed the country’s condolences to the slain soldier’s family. Netanyahu further underlined that “security forces are currently in pursuit to apprehend the abhorrent terrorist and bring him to justice,” while the IDF spokesperson’s unit noted that a wide-scale manhunt was launched by the military, the Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet – and Israeli police forces.

Later this morning the Israeli leader toured the West Bank settlement of Bet El, during which he emphasized that Israel will continue to ensure its sovereignty in all parts of its historical homeland. According to Netanyahu: “Our responsibility is to establish the Jewish people in its land and to ensure our sovereignty in our historical homeland. We know that the Land of Israel is acquired through tribulations. Today fell one of the best of our sons from a family that has already sacrificed heavily for the Land of Israel. These reprehensible terrorists come to uproot; we come to plant. They come to destroy; we come to build. We will apprehend those who seek our lives and we will deepen our roots in all parts of our homeland.”

In addition to the wide-scale manhunt and following a security assessment, the IDF announced its decision to reinforce additional infantry troops in the area of Judea and Samaria – which are the biblical names of two out of the three districts that makeup the commonly known ‘West Bank’ territories.

Meanwhile, Israel police attained a court gag-order regarding details of the investigation in general, and the suspected terrorists in particular. As such, TV7 cannot provide additional details.

It is important to note that the uncovering of the soldier’s body came just several days after the Israeli Security Agency, Shin Bet – in cooperation with the IDF – apprehended a number of Hamas operatives in the city of Hebron. According to the Shin Bet, multiple Hamas terror cells operating in the West Bank were uncovered, all of which received their directives from the Islamist organization’s leadership in the Gaza Strip.

The Shin Bet claimed that the cells had planned terror attacks against Israeli as well as Palestinian Authority targets, and were in possession of an M16 assault-rifles as well as a number of improvised explosive-devices, all of which were confiscated during a coordinated raid by the IDF and police forces on the cells ‘makeshift bomb-lab’ in the city of Hebron. All Hamas operatives involved were apprehended and thankfully, no injuries were reported.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commended Israel’s forces for the successful operation. He also levelled a warning, saying: “Our enemies should know that our long arm will reach whoever tries to attack us.” The Islamist Hamas organization did not immediately respond to TV7’s request for comment.