image Photo: Flash90

Israel accused of targeting Hezbollah Field Commander

An unmanned aerial vehicle reportedly targeted a car belonging to the Lebanese Iranian-proxy Hezbollah located on Syria’s southwestern border with Lebanon.

Among the passengers, who reportedly managed to escape before the vehicle was struck, was a Hezbollah field commander.

The strike, which was initially reported by the television network Sky News Arabia, was attributed to Israel; even though, the IDF spokesperson’s unit refused to confirm nor deny its alleged involvement.

It is important to mention, however, that in recent days the Israeli aerial presence in the area has been bolstered – in light of growing efforts by the Islamic Republic of Iran to transfer weaponry into both Syria and Lebanon, a fact corroborated by TV7’s Intelligence sources.

It is also relevant to note that there have been at least four assassination attempts in southern Syria in the past 48 hours – during which an Iranian-backed militant, who recruited young Syrians for the Lebanese Hezbollah organization, was killed by unidentified gunmen. It was the 17th assassination of Iranian-backed militants in recent months.