Israel bombs Syrian base operated by Iran and Hezbollah

Israel has reportedly conducted a bombardment of a Syrian intelligence gathering base, which according to an informed source “is actively operated by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards and its Lebanese-proxy Hezbollah.”

The attack occurred around 2 AM this morning, when “several missiles were fired at targets in Tell al-Hara,” which is located in the Dar’aa Governorate, some 15 kilometers east of the Syrian border with Israel. While Syria’s official SANA news agency confirmed that the attack “caused material damage,” it claimed that Syrian air-defenses “downed a number of (the incoming) missiles.” According to its report, Israel had also engaged in “an electronic war, as (the Syrian military’s) radars were exposed to jamming.” The IDF spokesperson’s unit refused to respond to the report, reiterating that it does not discuss its alleged operational activities.

That said, a senior Israeli intelligence official told TV7 on condition of anonymity that while specifics regarding this morning’s bombardment will remain classified, the actions is in line with Israel’s operational proceedings, which – among others – seek to thwart the Islamic Republic’s actively-aspired military entrenchment along Israel’s northern frontier.

It is important to note that the alleged Israeli strike comes only one day after the unveiling of comprehensive evidence indicated a significant military presence of Iran and its Shi’ite proxies in Syrian areas that were declared by Jerusalem as “off-limits,” in addition to an exchange of public accusations between Iranian  and Israeli leaders – referring to a filmed statement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he called out Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif for repeatedly lying about his countries intensions, while it openly threatens to destroy the state of Israel and “continues to entrench itself military in Syria.” Furthermore, Netanyahu vowed that Jerusalem will thwart Tehran’s ambition to develop nuclear weapons, “that threaten (Israel’s) existence and endanger the entire world.”