Photo: Reuters

Israeli public supports military action against Iran

Israel’s National Security Index public opinion survey reveals that the majority of the Israelis  support continued military action against Iran – even at the cost of precipitating a wide-scale war.

The study is conducted each year by the Institute for National Security Studies, to gauge public perceptions on the level of threats posed the Jewish State. 31% of Israelis the northern arena presents the greatest challenge, 26% think Iran’s nuclear program is the primary danger, while just 14% consider the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be paramount.

The INSI also found that 54% of the public believes Israel’s home front is prepared for war; in contrast to the IDF’s own assessment which found a substantial gap in the home front’s preparedness for a military conflict.

The study also found that 82% of Israelis agree with the statement that “Israel can rely only on itself,” while further revealing that 60% believe that the People of Israel are in fact God’s “chosen people.” In contrast to previous studies, 50% of Israelis do not trust the United States to stand by Israel if it were attacked, as was the case for Saudi Arabia recently, when the Islamic Republic of Iran attacked its Aramco Oil Installations.