Escalation in Hamas ‘balloon-terror’

Hamas has reportedly refused to grant Egyptian mediators additional time to ensure the implementation of understandings regarding a truce between Gaza and Israel.

The arrangement includes a series of economy-building measures aimed at alleviating the presiding humanitarian distress in the Jihadist-plagued territory in exchange for an end to all terror-related hostilities emanating from the Hamas-controlled strip toward the Jewish State.

Hamas recently alleged that Israel has deliberately delayed implementation of several important clauses of the ceasefire agreement. As a consequence, the Gaza rulers have orchestrated a resumption of incendiary airborne attacks on Israeli territory.

A Hamas official told TV7 that the number of ‘terror-balloon’ clusters, involving the attachment of explosive devices to clusters of the children’s’ toy, will continue to be increased until Israel fulfills its agreed-upon obligations.

Despite the launching of dozens of explosive balloons into Israel over the weekend, no injuries or damage were reported.