image Photo: Flash90

Jerusalem marks 53 years since reunification

Celebration of the 53rd anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem was somewhat muted this year, in accordance with limitations on festivities imposed by the Israeli Supreme Court over fear related to the coronavirus.

Nevertheless, speaking at the first weekly cabinet meeting of the new government, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed the renewed incentive to celebrate the Israeli connection with the ancient city since U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish State.

“We raise Jerusalem above our greatest joy. We are developing it and moving it forward in various fields. I must say that this development and the status of Jerusalem, received renewed impetus from the historic decision of our friend, the President of the United States, President Trump, who decided to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, thereby correcting a historic injustice, and who also decided to move the embassy here (to Jerusalem) to our capital. I can tell you that other countries have already taken this step or are on the road to doing so,” said Netanyahu.

The Israeli premier also seized the opportunity to respond to the latest rhetoric against the country emanating from arch-foe, Iran, declaring that “The security challenges have not stopped for a moment, neither have the threats. You certainly heard the ruler of Iran, Khamenei, threatening our destruction. Whoever threatens us with destruction will certainly not succeed but places himself in great danger.”

Netanyahu then reiterated that it is Jerusalem’s policy “to oppose Iranian aggression in every place and to oppose Iran’s attempts to entrench in Syria. We are active constantly and, of course, we oppose Iran’s attempt to place or develop in Syria weapons to serve its proxies and forces that could endanger the State of Israel.”

Turning to the coronavirus pandemic, Netanyahu said the government must continue to deal with dangers presented by the disease. Saying that currently the nation’s leaders are engaged in a mission to revive the economy following the dire consequences of the lockdown launched to limit spread of the contagion.

“We are very active in the economic sphere, but want to do more, first and foremost to act together to put people back to work. I spoke about this with the Finance Minister several times last week. We will immediately put into action plans that will bring jobs, jobs and jobs. We will help the self-employed and small business owners to restore the economy to growth,” said Netanyahu.