image Photo: Flash 90

Netanyahu hails Jerusalem-Moscow security relations as crucial

Incumbent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed Jerusalem’s relations with Moscow as critical for the security of the Jewish State, following his most recent telephone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

During a celebratory ceremony at the Prime Minister’s office to mark the Jewish Rosh HaShana New Year he reminding those gathered of his meeting with Putin “several weeks ago on matters that are important to the security of the State of Israel,” the Premier said “conversation was also important for the security of the State of Israel.” He then pointed out that “We have major challenges around us,” adding “but we also benefit from important cooperation and coordination with Russia, and this is critical for us and we will continue to be engaged.”

Netanyahu did not miss the opportunity to mention the increasing threats posed by Israel’s archrival, the Islamic Republic of Iran. He proclaimed that Israel’s achievements are great, but so are its challenges, saying “The one does not contradict the other. Israel is in some ways a global power; but we are also challenged in a manner, not faced by any other world power.”

In clear reference to Tehran’s declarations to obliterate the Jewish State, Netanyahu said “there remain calls for our destruction. And these actors change from generation to generation; and in this generation a nation rose that aspires to become a global power, that aspires to annihilate us. We are determined to protect ourselves in all ways necessary, and we do it.”

The Prime Minister also underscored that the most important factor to assure that the State of Israel remains successful is unity among the nation, as well as unity among its leaders. Saying: “I know that there is only one way also to perpetuate the achievements, and also to withstand the challenges,” “This road is a path of unity.”

He concluded his remarks with the traditional greeting on the occasion of the impending Yom Kippur Day of Atonement, saying “This is why, this year I wish the nation of Israel ‘unity’, and I wish for each and every one of you to be inscribed in the Book of Life along with that of a unity government” he hopes will be “established imminently.”