Netanyahu Hails Terrorist’s Neutralization

Following an extensive manhunt, which lasted two days, the Israeli police counter-terror unit, Yamam, located the Palestinian terrorist who carried out Sunday’s deadly attack – and after a brief exchange of fire, neutralized the assailant. According to a police statement, 19-year-old Omar Abu-Laila was located and killed in the West Bank village of Abwein, which is located near the city of Ramallah. Azzam Ahmad, the Palestinian owner of the home where the terrorist attempted to hide recounted details on the shootout that led to the assailant’s neutralization. According to him: “I heard many live bullets and threats through amplifier calling for the people in the house to leave the house or they would demolish the house with people in it. Of course do not ask about the number of bombs. Every two minutes they fired a bomb.”

In response to the successful operation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated Israel’s Security Agency, Shin Bet, Yamam and the IDF. Netanyahu hailed their “quick action that led to the elimination of the abhorrent terrorist who murdered Sergeant Gal Keidan and Rabbi Achiad Ettinger.” Netanyahu further underscored that “the long arm of Israel reaches all those who attack (the country’s) civilians and… soldiers.”