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Syria blames Israel for attack on T4 base

Unidentified aircraft conducted a surprise bombardment on Syria’s T4 military airport in the eastern countryside of Homs Governorate about 10:20 PM last night. The barrage of sophisticated missiles were launched from the direction of Syria’s southeastern At Tanf border-region with Iraq.

A spokesperson for the Syrian Armed Forces claimed that deployment of the country’s aerial defense array “dropped most of the enemy missiles” allegedly fired by Israel.   This, despite confirmation to TV7 from intelligence sources that the attacks inflicted extensive damage to Syrian military infrastructure. There have been no immediate reports of casualties.

And while Syria pointed an accusatory finger toward the Jewish State within 48 hours of similar alleged strike, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit declined to either confirm or deny involvement in response to TV7’s request for comment.

Syria’s T4 Air Base has been identified as a logistical center for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps to transport weapons and so-called “military advisers” to Tehran-backed militias operating in the war-torn country. The strategic airfield is theoretically protected by Russia’s advanced S-300 and S-400 surface-to-air missile systems, although a deconfliction agreement between Jerusalem and Moscow excludes the disruption of IDF missions against Iranian activities in Syria.