Major General Baqeri threatens USA

Syria-Iran: U.S. must withdraw or face consequences

A meeting of the top military commanders of Iran, Syria and Iraq concluded in Damascus, after which the Islamic Republic and Assad regimes demanded the immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from the war-torn country.

They went on to threaten Washington’s Kurdish allies to immediately submit to the return of state authority. In a press release, the Syrian Defense Minister underscored Syria’s readiness for sacrifice, if the United States decides to fight Damascus over the rule of its territory. According to Syrian Defense Minister, General Ali Abdullah Ayoub, “The only card remaining in the hands of the Americans and their allies is the SDF, and it will be dealt with through the two methods used by the Syrian state: national reconciliation or the liberation of the areas that they control through force.”

The Iranian military chief Major General Mohammad Baqeri, on his part, emphasized that discussions were underway regarding the implementation of measures aimed at regaining all of Syria’s territory. “The meeting discussed the measures to be taken in order to regain territories that are out of government control including areas where American forces are available,” said the Iranian Chief of Staff.

General Baqeri also praised the close relationships his country holds with Syria and Iraq, declaring their military cooperation “on the highest level.” According to him “Iran, Iraq and Syria are united against terrorism and the cooperation between the countries is on the highest level.”

Iraqi military chief Lieutenant General Othman al-Ghamini took the opportunity to announce that the Iraqi-Syrian border will be opened in the coming days– a move viewed by Iran’s enemies as “clear evidence of Tehran’s growing influence over Bagdad.”

Despite the voiced threats and growing relations between Iraq and Iran, a Washington official reiterated to TV7 that the United States military will keep some forces in Syria, in a declared effort to contain Tehran’s destabilizing role in the region.