image Photo: Reuters

Trump: more Gulf states to normalize ties with Israel

U.S. President Donald Trump revealed that a number of countries will soon follow in the footsteps of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates in establishing formal normalization accord with Israel.

“Nobody thought of the plan that I thought of and it’s going around the back door. I call it going around the smart door, coming in a different way,” said the U.S. leader, adding, “And we have many other countries going to be joining us and they’re going to be joining us soon.”

Trump then revealed, “We’ll have, I mean, I think seven or eight or nine, we’re going to have a lot of other countries joining us, including the big ones. We already have the big one, including the big ones.”

Saudi Arabia is likely to be among the countries prepared to forge regional peace with Israel, according to the American President. “I spoke with the King of Saudi Arabia. At the right time, I do think they will come in, yes, I do. This is a very big and very historic moment and I think everyone agrees to that,” he said, adding, “But we’ll have other countries coming in fairly rapidly.”

Meanwhile, Iran has again issued a scathing condemnation of the UAE-Bahrain Abraham Accords with the Jewish State, which it has repeated vowed to annihilate.

“We consider this intervention by the Zionist regime in the region to be dangerous,” said Iranian Regime Spokesman Ali Rabiei. In a warning to Abu Dhabi and Manama, he said that the Islamic Republic “must take responsibility for this decision.”

Tehran levelled a separate statement at Washington, cautioning against the making of a “strategic mistake” which will draw a “decisive” Iranian response.

The statements from the Ayatollah Regime followed threats by U.S. President Donald Trump that the Islamic Republic would face American retaliation “1,000 times greater in magnitude” for any dared attack on the United States. The American leader made the comments in response to media reports that Tehran may be planning to assassinate the U.S. Ambassador to South Africa, which TV7 has been unable to immediately verify.