image Photo: Flash90, Reuters

Gaza terrorizes southern Israel

Islamist Palestinians in Gaza launched a barrage of rockets at Israel, less than a day after Hamas officials vowed to escalate attacks in the wake of Jerusalem’s refusal of the terror group’s ‘extortion-tactics’ to end its indiscriminate terror attacks.

Air raid sirens blared in Israeli communities throughout the south when 6 missiles were fired from the Palestinian enclave shortly after 5 AM this morning. Hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians raced into bomb shelters within the 15-seconds advised by the Home Front Command.

All of the incoming projectiles exploded in uninhabited areas and inflicted neither injury nor damage.

Meanwhile, fire terrorism is also ongoing without pause. Dozens of balloons strapped with explosive and incendiary devices were sent sailing from Gaza into Israeli territory, sparking dozens of fires in agricultural fields and wild forests. While significant damage devastated significant swathes of land,  there were no reported injuries.

The IDF retaliated for the ongoing terror attacks with two overnight strikes on Hamas installations in Gaza. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said “IDF fighter jets, aircraft and tank struck a military post and an underground infrastructure belonging to the terror organization” shortly after 4 AM, while “a weapons manufacturing site” operated by Hamas was targeted about three hours later.

The Israeli army also reiterated that it views “any terror activity against Israel with great severity and is ready to continue operating as necessary against attempts to harm Israeli civilians or sovereignty.”