IDF technology combats airborne terrorism

A new laser system has just become operational in Israel’s battle against the rising tide of explosives-rigged balloons flown by Islamist Palestinians in Gaza to sow terror across the southern communities of the Jewish State.

Police Spokesman, Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld, told TV7 that the new technology, called “Lahav Or,” was developed over the past two months to effectively down the airborne terrorism. It will be used by Border Police.

“In principle the system’s operation is based on a laser technology, that of course is different from the common technologies used around world, and that is what grants us with a special security range,” said Amit Lipshitz of the Israeli Police Laser Unit. “There is a laser beam that converges via mirrors, for a range we decide on, according to the range of the threat,” he explained, maintaining that the technology “has proven to us that the balloon clusters coming from Gaza can be downed.”

Lipshitz added that “We, the Israeli police, together with the Border Police Technology and Communications Division, will continue to be at the forefront of technology – in the field of aerial threats and other areas to protect the safety of Israel’s residents.”

Today, dozens of the incendiary balloons were launched by Jihadist militants in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip into Israeli territory. Police sappers defused multiple explosives that landed in the city of Sderot, as well as the Lachish and Hof Ashkelon Regional Councils. Several southern Israeli roads were closed until they cleared of explosives, and there were no injuries or damage.