image Photo: Flash90

IDF thwarts terror attack on Syrian border

Tensions along Israel’s northern front flared-up late last night when unidentified militants were spotted planting explosive devices near the security-barrier along the internationally-recognized armistice line with Syria.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit released a video showing a cell of four men cross the so-called Bravo line into the southern part of the Area of Separation, which is intended to serve as a buffer zone between the two enemy states, and place bombs near the Israeli fence.

In coordination with an elite Israeli ground force and an Air Force plane, the Maglan special forces unit ambushed the militants during their attempt to return to Syria. The cell was entirely eliminated in a direct hit, killing all members. No injuries or damage were sustained by Israeli troops.

The IDF stated that even though the affiliation of the specific cell remains has yet to be ascertained, ‘elements working for “Iranian interests’ are known to be in the area; and that it “holds the Syrian regime responsible for all events on Syrian soil and will not tolerate any violation of Israeli sovereignty.”

The Israeli army continues to maintain its highest level of alert along the northern frontier with Syria and Lebanon.