image Photo: Reuters

Iran-Syria reaffirm bilateral & regional strategic ties

The senior aide to the Iranian Foreign Minister for Special Political Affairs, Ali Asghar Khaji, held a meeting with the Syrian Ambassador to the Islamic Republic Adnan Mahmoud, during which the Tehran official reaffirmed his country’s support for Damascus.

According to an Iranian Foreign Ministry statement, Khaji highlighted the “support of his country to Syria in its war against terrorism and the maintenance of strategic cooperation between Iran, Syria and Russia in this area.”

Ambassador Mahmoud, for his part, highlighted the strategic relations between Syria and Iran, and reaffirmed the importance of continuing coordination and consultation between the two countries at the bilateral and regional level.

Meanwhile Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei released numerous statements for the Muslim month of Ramadan, during which called for an end of warmongering, promotion of terrorism and injustice by the United States, Great Britain and Israel.

Among others, the Iranian Supreme Leader declared that “the American won’t stay in Iraq and Syria” as he asserted that “they will be expelled.”

Responding to TV7’s request for comment a senior Israeli defense official stated that the inflammatory statements by the Iranian Mullah are a cry for help since he has realized that his dream of global hegemony is slipping through his fingers. The official further noted that “it is ridiculous to hear condemnations of terror from a person who is directly responsible for many of the atrocities that happen in this region daily. All you need to do is open your eyes and look at the evident situation on the ground and all that this Iranian regime is doing.”