Iranian targets in eastern Syria bombarded

Unidentified aircraft reportedly struck an Iranian-proxy base in the rural Deir Ezzor governorate, which is situated in the eastern part of Syria.

According to sources quoted by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the aircraft targeted M’eizileh based in the Abul Kamal countryside, near the Syrian border with Iraq, controlled by Iranian forces and militias.

According to the Report, at least seven Iranian-backed militiamen were killed and significant damage was caused to infrastructure. Furthermore, the death toll is expected to rise as of a large number of militiamen reportedly sustained critical injuries.

It is important to mention that the Syrian Observatory highlighted the fact that the attack, which the report vaguely attributed to Israel, came a few days after the 47th brigade – which is manned by Iranian-funded militiamen, were deployed to reinforce the targeted area.

While TV7 was able to verify the reported reinforcement of the Iranian-proxies in the area – our sources in Syria did not immediately confirm nor deny the report.

Separately, the IDF Spokesperson’s unit did not confirm nor deny its alleged involvement either.