image Photo: Flash90

Netanyahu hails new era of Mideast peace

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu extolled the recently established Abraham Accords with the UAE and Bahrain for having already yielded significant economic benefits.

“We made history in Washington” with the two “peace agreements” he said in a nationwide televised address.

After saying, “All of us together will see the first fruits of these agreements very quickly and, of course, they will stand for generations,” the Israeli Premier revealed that “the Abu Dhabi investment office announced that it was opening its first branch in Israel.”

“This is what true peace looks like – peace for peace,” the Israeli leader underscored, adding, ““e are beginning a new era of peace in the Middle East.”

The Prime Minister went on to address evident efforts by Iran and its proxies to undermine Israel’s aspirations for peace.  “The attempts of Iran and its proxies in Gaza and Lebanon to thwart the expansion of peace will not succeed,” he cautioned, stressing that “We will hit whoever attacks us, and we will expand the circle of peace with additional countries.”

“And I can already inform you – there will be additional countries” set to normalize relations with Israel, said Netanyahu.