Tensions are on the rise across the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Following the successful military operation to locate and neutralize the Palestinian assailant who committed the deadly act of terror near the Jewish settlement of Ariel, violence has escalated in several locations across the West Bank and along the border with the Gaza Strip. During a Jewish worshipper’s coordinated tour of Joseph’s tomb, which is located in the West Bank city of Nablus, a number of explosive devices were hurled from a vehicle at IDF troops who were securing the entrance to the ancient compound.

According to the IDF spokesperson’s unit, the Israeli force responded with live fire towards the vehicle. Simultaneously, a military engineering vehicle damaged the suspects’ vehicle. As a result, the two Palestinian attackers were killed. No injuries were reported among the IDF force. In another reported incident, an IDF soldier stationed at a military post near the West Bank city of Bethlehem identified a group of Palestinians hurling rocks toward Israeli vehicles. In response, the soldier opened fire toward the attackers. According to Palestinian sources, one assailant was killed while three others were injured, including one in critical condition. The IDF spokesperson’s unit responded to the report in a written statement, saying: “Details regarding the incident are being reviewed and the incident will be examined.”

Meanwhile along the Gaza border with the Jewish state; terror squads launched incendiary balloons toward Israeli territory in two separate incidents, according to the IDF. In compliance with the recently altered rules of engagement, in increased efforts to thwart the phenomenon which has resulted in the burning of thousands of dunams across southern Israel, Air Force aircrafts targeted two Palestinian terror squads. One of which located in a southern district of the Hamas-controlled territory, and the other in the northern part of the enclave. It is important to note that in recent days there is an apparent increase in efforts by Gazan Islamists to launch clusters of balloons – either attached to incendiary or explosive devices – as part of reoccurring night-time clashes between violent rioters and IDF forces along the border. According to both Israeli and Palestinian reports, “an average of 600 Palestinians participate in the reoccurring night time clashes.”