West Bank Violence Surges

It has been cleared for publication that a deadly clash between Israeli security forces and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terror organization occurred this morning.

By Erin Viner

As part of Operation Waves Breaker,  IDFIsrael Security Agency (ISA, Shin Bet) , Border Police and its  Yamam Counter-terrorism Unit conducted activities in the center of the Jenin camp. The PIJ terror squad opened fire toward the Israeli security forces, resulting in the neutralizing of three gunmen in the resulting crossfire.

The violence erupted during an arrest raid based on precise ISA intelligence information in search of wanted terrorist operatives who “were heavily involved in executing and planning multiple major terror attacks, including shooting attacks on IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians,” said the IDF.

One of the armed suspects surrendered after security forces surrounded the PIJ hideout, while two others were shot and killed while trying to escape.  IDF combat engineering soldiers entered the building to detonate two explosive devices used by the suspects, at which time an additional armed suspect was neutralized by the soldiers at the scene.

Claims regarding additional casualties during the exchange of fire are being investigated.

On Wednesday, two Palestinians were killed in separate incidents.

A knife-wielding assailant was shot dead while trying to stab an IDF soldier near the Israeli town of Kdumim. The Islamist Hamas terror group that controls Gaza later identified the 20-year-old man, Aref Lahlouh, as a member.

The second incident occurred in the Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem during the court-ordered demolition of the residence of Palestinian terrorist Uday Tamimi, who shot and killed female IDF soldier Noa Lazar and severely injured an Israeli security guard on 8 October. Clashes erupted during the process, with “a number of masked terrorists threw pipe bombs and firebombs at police forces, who responded accordingly,” said a police statement. One of the masked men was shot after aiming a weapon in the direction of the border police forces, later named as Mohammad Ali, 17, by the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Operation Waves Breaker was launched last year to counter a wave of a deadly wave of Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis,

There were no Israeli fatalities in any of incidents this morning or yesterday.