Terrorists nabbed in overnight ops

Overnight counter-terror activities by Israel’s defense forces in the West Bank resulted in the apprehension of wanted Palestinians and the confiscation of weapons and illegal vehicles.

By Erin Viner

Wanted suspect Khaled a-Hija was captured near Jenin by  IDF,  Israel Security Agency (ISA, Shin Bet) and Border Police Special Operations  Units as part of Operation Waves Breaker, launched seven months ago after the beginning of a deadly surge of attacks against Israelis, that has killed 31 people since the start of 2022.

Terrorists hurled explosive devices and shot at the soldiers, who responded with live fire during which hits were identified.

“In parallel, IDF soldiers operated in the area of the city of Jenin in order to apprehend Ahmad Jaradat and Daajef Bages, who are suspected of involvement in terrorist activity,” said the Israeli military in a statement obtained by TV7.

Two additional suspects were arrested near Ramallah. During the activity in the city, relatives of the assailant who carried out an attempted shooting attack from a passing vehicle toward an IDF post adjacent to the community of Ofra on Wednesday were questioned. During ensuing pursuit of the car, the suspect spotted the soldiers, got out of the vehicle and fired at them. The soldiers responded with live fire and neutralized the gunman, who was suspected of involvement in a number of attacks over the last few days.

Four other wanted suspects were apprehended in the towns of Mahafiaa, Jabal Shamali and Bayt Furik. During the activity, the soldiers also located and confiscated weapons, said the statement; while four additional men were apprehended in Hebron. 17 illegal vehicles were seized near Hebron and the towns of Yata and Khirbet Carmel.

All of the captured individuals were transferred to security forces for further questioning.

Additional counter-terror operations were conducted in the Palestinian towns of Abu Dis, Bitut, Silwad, Anata, Ein, Nabi Saleh, Bayt Rima and the city of Bethlehem.

No injuries to Israeli security forces were reported in any of the missions.