image Photo: Flash90

Attempted terrorist stabbing in Jerusalem

An Islamist terrorist attempted to conduct a stabbing-attack in southeast Jerusalem on the border between the predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Armon HaNatsiv and Jabel Mukaber, which is entirely Arab.

According to the Police Spokesperson’s Unit, the knife-wielding suspect charged toward an Israeli border force while screaming “Allahu Akhbar” meaning “God is Great” in Arabic. The soldiers immediately responded by opening fire, wounding the attacker

None of the Israeli officers sustained injuries

The perpetrator has been identified as an Israeli Arab resident of the capital. After being shot, he was taken to hospital in serious condition.

Police Spokesperson Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld said that security has been bolstered in Jerusalem to prevent the commission of additional attack.

In related developments, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed to TV7 that two unknown assailants attempted to stab Israeli troops operating in an area adjacent to the West Bank settlement of Amichai east of Ramallah.

The Israeli military further informed TV7 that the troops opened fire toward the attackers, who managed to flee the scene. No IDF soldiers were reported to have been injured during the incident, and TV7 has been unable to verify the condition of the attackers.